• Products: Fibres Yarns Insulation Fleece Footwear Knit Fabrics Tapes Woven Fabrics
  • Function: Breathable Downproof High Abrasion ODOR Management Quick Dry Thermo Regulation UV Protection 50+ Cooling
  • Material: Cotton Organic Cotton Others
  • End Use: Athletics Outdoor Lingerie/Swim Wear Fashion Kids Wear
  • Country: China Mainland Japan Pakistan Germany China Taiwan South Korea U.S.A. Italy
  • Production: China Mainland
  • Certificates: Others

The paper yarn is formed by cutting the paper into thin strips, then twisting or blending with other yarns.

Similar to: Linen. Both are natural yarns with slightly rough texture, both are dry and breathable.

Feel: Close to linen.

Distinctive  characteristics: Midair yarn. Air and water can be easily recycled, so it has excellent breathability and perspiration.

Compared with linen: Linen has knots, it’s uneven and is easy to wrinkle. The paper yarn is even and has a good drooping feeling.

Compared with cotton: Not soft, but it does not fuzz and pilling. The washability and abrasion resistance are 3-5 times of that of cotton yarn.


QWhat’s the difference between Paper Yarn and Viscose

A:  Although the raw material is all from wood fiber, Paper Yarn is totally different from Viscose and Lyocell because it’s made by physical means.

     Our paper consists of 95% wood pulp, 4% water.

QAre paper clothes washable or disposable

A:  Don’t worry that paper clothes will disapear in water, on the contrary they are 3-5 times wash durable and wear resisting than cotton clothes. It can be washed and wore hundreds of times.

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