Jiangsu Yongyin Chemical Fibre Co., Ltd.

  • Function: Flame Retardant ODOR Management Quick Dry Cooling Heating Others
  • Material: Recycled Polyester
  • End Use: Athletics Outdoor Downwear Lingerie/Swim Wear Sports Leisure Protective Clothing Others
  • Country: China Mainland
  • Production: China Mainland
  • Certificates: GRS OEKO-TEX Others

Jiangsu Yongyin Chemical Fibre Co., Ltd was Founded in 1999. It is a large-scale production and trading enterprise under Zhongyuan Runsheng Group,which focusing on rPET chips and recycled polyester filaments. As the earliest enterprise in China to engage in rPET chip granulation and recycled polyester spinning.Jiangsu Yongyin Chemical Fibre Co., Ltd.

The company is a national High-tech Enterprises,CFWA Recommended Supplier,Obtained the ISO Environment, Quality, Occupational Health Management System Certification. 2023,Yongyin Chemical Fibre Co., Ltd was rated as a national specialized special new “ Tittle Giane ”Enterprises Medal.

Jiangsu Yongyin Chemical Fibre Co., Ltd. started to adopt environment-friendly ideas and requirements in the production process, gradually including environmental protection as a core business. The group has built a 200,000-ton annual production capacity of recycled polyester chips, and an 100,000-ton annual production capacity of recycled polyester filaments. It has also obtained the GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certification and the EU OEKO-TEX 100 certification,Intertek Green Leaf Certification,CCFA Green Fiber Certification,Ocean Bound Plastic (OBP)Certification,ISCC PLUS Certification.And accumulated more than 20 patents for recycled fiber technology.

The company has a high-end recycled chemical fiber registered brand - Recoyarns. Recoyarns rPET chips and recycled polyester filaments Quality comparable to virgin polyester,recognized and purchased by global brands. Recoyarns Functional Polyeste has Various types,Including:  Bio-degradable,Flame Retardant, Cationic Dyed, Graphene, Anti-Bacterial, etc. Used for all kinds of Protection, comfot, Health and Modified functional fabrics. Applications of the product include:Garments、Home Textiles、Automotive Interior、PET Engineering Plastics、PET Packing Material、Industrial yarns.

As Pioneer of Recycled Fibers,Jiangsu Yongyin Chemical Fibre Co., Ltd. Flexibly matching customer needs,Providing high-end customized service solutions and one-stop products and after-sales service solutions.Committed to serving world-class customers.

No.1099, Nanyuan West Rd, Qidong Economic Zone, Jiangsu, China

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