B-HOO textile (Jinjiang) Co., LTD

  • Products: Knit Fabrics
  • Function: Breathable ODOR Management Printable Quick Dry Stretch UV Protection 50+ Waterproof Cooling
  • Material: Polyester Recycled Polyester Nylon Polyamide Recycled Nylon Bio Nylon Spandex
  • End Use: Athletics Outdoor Lingerie/Swim Wear Sports Leisure Shirts Fashion Kids Wear
  • Country: China Mainland Japan China Taiwan China Hong Kong South Korea U.S.A. Italy
  • Production: China Mainland
  • Certificates: GRS OEKO-TEX

B-HOO textile (Jinjiang) Co., LTD is located in Shenhu Jinjiang Quanzhou Fujian china.

We are a high-end lingerie apparel and sportswear fabric manufacturer.

Our company production is knitted fabrics. The raw material relates to nylon

Polyester  filament and spandex.

The skin fabric developed by the company is soft and delicat All kinds of functions, antibacterial, fever, cold, moisturizing, absorption and discharge, mosquito repellent, is a very good underwear and sport clothing .

Our company uses microfiber to develop extremely soft Skin performance close-fitting fabric, the application of all kinds of environmentally friendly fiber research and development of all kinds of environmental friendly Fabric, to provide a complete solution for the sustainable development of customers.

The company has 80 weft knitting. We have an independent laboratory that can carry out relevant test projects.And all of bulk goods have been inspected.

Welcome to visit our company.

NO.78 Esat Road Kengbian villagc,shenhu town jinjiang Fujian china

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Room 412,Building A, No.455 Yang Nan Road, Shanghai 200124 China
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