• Products: Visibility Add-On Woven Fabrics
  • Function: Breathable Downproof ODOR Management Printable Quick Dry Stretch UV Protection 50+ Waterproof Windproof Cooling Heating
  • Material: Polyester Bio Polyester Recycled Polyester Nylon Polyamide Recycled Nylon Bio Nylon Spandex Tencel
  • End Use: Athletics Outdoor Downwear Workwear Sports Leisure Casual Wear Shirts Suits Fashion Kids Wear Protective Clothing
  • Country: China Mainland
  • Production: China Mainland
  • Certificates: BLUESIGN GRS OEKO-TEX

Founded in 2002, Yi Technology covers elegant textile, which focuses on technological functional fabric solutions, Weiyi Technology, which provides smart wearable solutions, and the C-end retail technology clothing brand.

 Over the past 20 years, escape technology has been deep technology and product research and development, expanding functional fabrics in more scenarios and more category application, service nearly global clothing brand, has become the core supplier of many well-known outdoor brands, is also the domestic new business, fashion, leisure, sports and other fields leading brand material solution provider. The core product T8 fabric has more than ten sub-series, on the basis of waterproof, windproof, breathable and other functions, to achieve elasticity, lightweight, meet the needs of different categories and scenes, adapt to different styles of brands, accumulated five years has been used by more than 140 brands;

 In 2015, the company entered the research and development and promotion of intelligent wearable sector from material research and development to intelligent technology, from function to intelligence. In 2017, the company launched the self-developed iwarm intelligent temperature control system, which has served nearly 100 clothing brands around the world.

 It always takes the user perspective as the starting point, scientific and technological functional fabrics from raw materials, and intelligent wearable solutions from technology. It adheres to the principles of user thinking, long-termism and altruism, integrates technology and fashion, creates a better dress experience for users, and provides customers with one-stop technological materials solutions by breaking the boundary between the industry and enterprises, and cooperating with the upstream and downstream enterprises.

 Climbing up, rooted down, the material brand "FLYTEC" rooted in China and facing the world is moving from quantitative change to the era of qualitative change.

In 2026, escape technology group headquarters will be born in Suzhou wujiang district dragon swing farmers brigade fusion development demonstration area, group headquarters plans to cover an area of 10800 ㎡, covering textile science and technology research and development center, fashion institute, brand museum, technology headquarters, building, intelligent storage and production center, around escape technology group the core, the forefront, the most potential business sector, build product development, user experience, leisure space, etc. For the integration of demonstration park, with symbiosis, to create the future.


H Building, 1 Huanhu Rd., Pingwang, Wujiang, Jiangsu, China

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