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Exhibitors List


  • Function: Breathable ODOR Management Printable Quick Dry Stretch Thermo Regulation UV Protection 50+ Waterproof Windproof Cooling Heating
  • Material: Polyester Recycled Polyester Nylon Polyamide Recycled Nylon Bio Nylon Spandex Tencel Lycra Modal Bamboo
  • End Use: Athletics Lingerie/Swim Wear Sports Leisure Casual Wear
  • Country: China Mainland China Taiwan
  • Production: China Mainland
  • Certificates: BLUESIGN GRS OEKO-TEX

In 2007, "Changzhou Yuyuan" was located in Tianning Economic and Technological Development Zone of Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, the center of the beautiful and rich Yangtze River Delta. It is one of the strongholds of Yuyuan Group in China. Mainly in weaving, dyeing and printing one-stop production, providing integrated services. The products are suitable for high-grade sportswear, casual wear, swimsuit, underwear and many other fields.

Actively integrate the complementary resources of related enterprises in the region to form the advantage of industrial chain development. With superb production technology and superior service quality in the Chinese market, has accumulated a lot of domestic brand customers.

Combined with the characteristics of the textile factory, the concept of green environmental protection and the introduction of information and intelligent factory production mode, so that Changzhou Yuyuan's productivity, quality and customer service continue to grow.


In 2017, it obtained ISO three-system certification, GRS certification, the National development base of elastic and weft knitting fine stitch length fabric products, the evaluation certificate of the two integration management system, Changzhou high-tech products; In 2018, it joined Changzhou Textile Engineering Society and Changzhou Tianning Textile Industry Science and Technology Association, and obtained Changzhou Intelligent Workshop. In 2019, it was selected as Jiangsu Province high-tech enterprise cultivation and warehousing, Jiangsu Province quality management standard enterprise, etc. In 2020, the national Center for Color Innovation of warp knitting Elastic fabric and warp knitting fine stitch length fabric will be established; In 2021, 3D fabric exhibition was established, which can be sent to customers online for real-time communication.

6 Huayang South Road, Tianning Economic Development Zone, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China

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Room 412,Building A, No.455 Yang Nan Road, Shanghai 200124 China
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