Exhibitors List

Exhibitors List


  • Function: Breathable High Abrasion ODOR Management Printable Quick Dry Stretch UV Protection 50+ Cooling Heating Others
  • Material: Polyester Bio Polyester Recycled Polyester Nylon Polyamide Recycled Nylon Bio Nylon Spandex Lycra Others
  • End Use: Athletics Outdoor Lingerie/Swim Wear Sports Leisure Others
  • Country: China Mainland
  • Production: China Mainland
  • Certificates: GRS OEKO-TEX Others

Fujian Unitex was established in May 2012. We are a national-level enterprise of synthetic fabric manufacturer from yarn spinning, knitting, dyeingand finishing to printing in one location. Our total capital investment is 300 million US dollars. Our land is 400 hectares and completed phase I in2021 with current production space 270000 sq m. We have 800 workers now. Unitex mainly produces high-end synthetic fibre knitted fabrics for middle and high-end sports yoga, outdoor sports, underwear swimwear and fashion leisure, and provides customers with healthy, fashionable,green and environmentally friendly professional functional knitted fabrics.

Product research and development emphasizes that products are based on market research and development, and the input and development of new products is carried out with customer needs and market trends. A cross-department and cross-system collaborative cooperation model is adopted to achieve the latest product promotion timeliness through effective communication, coordination and decision-making. Emphasis on the utilization and integration of effective resources; parallel engineering innovation of various R8D projects, with strict planning to improve product R&D efficiency.

Our products are mainly used in outdoor sports, comprehensive training, yoga, underwear and swimwear. With the support of the 7 centres innovation & research, marketing,R8D, sales, planning, production and QA, UNITEX not only has the ability to quicky respond to customer needs while achieving rapid production, but also strives to guarantee the product quality. At present, the company has cooperated with AEO, Uniqlo . Gymshark. Cavin Klein. Descente. Adidas. Maia. VFU. Shein and other well-known domestic and foreign brands. emerging electric brands and cross-border e-commerce platforms have reached in-depth cooperation, and actively jointly build a green ecology of flexible supply chains.

3 Yuancheng Road, Yuanhong Investment Zone, Chengtou Town, Fuqing City, Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China


A Room 413 Building A,No.455 Yang Nan Road,Shanghai,China
info@functionaltextilesshanghai.comM +86-21-60493344

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